Educational games for 7 year olds

When we listen about education, it refers to school and subject. Children in seven year olds usually are in second or first grade of elementary school. It is a new stage for them after finishing their study in kindergarten. They will learn new things in the school. Parents and teacher have an important role for help them pass this stage. One of the most difficult subjects for the children is mathematics. Because it always becomes a scary subject for children we have to make new fun mathematics for them in order to they are not scary again for learning mathematics. We can make mathematics as a fun subject by using educational games for 7 year olds. What kind of educational games for 7 year olds to help learning mathematics.

Domino as educational games for 7 year olds

Educational games for 7 year olds

Classical structure dominoes, 8 times 0, 1 8 times, etc., 6 to 8 times, yielding 28 dominoes through all possible combinations of 7 results, taken two by two, plus the seven double sheets, can be used, provided that a simple relation between 8 elements is taken. So many years have begun to use in the classroom dominoes with simple math contents ago. Today, you can buy even the price maybe something abusive, dominoes operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication. However, the mathematics content that can strengthen the dominoes is much more varied. This variety, can the same group mix different types of dominoes, adapting the content to the various alumni group.

Geometry puzzle educational games for 7 year olds

As we believe, in our experience, that leisure activities have their place for older students from our school, we present here a puzzle that reinforces a specific content of the agenda of analytical geometry first. The puzzle consists of eight triangular chips and four squares, serving to form, when joined together, a figure like the one above. Each piece of the puzzle, triangular or square, takes on one, two, three or four sides a question about circumferences or answers to those questions.

Pyramids educational games for 7 year olds

In many magazines hobbies, such riddle appears. It is generally filled pyramids considering that in each cell, the number is the sum of the two numbers beneath it. But the hobby that follows, pyramids used instead of a triangle. The principle refills remains the same: "in each cell, the number is the sum of the two numbers is down". We will leverage this support to strengthen solving systems of simple equations in algebra and deepening the use of letters.

Whatever the media that you want to use to teach your children in learning mathematics, the most important things in learning process is you use the appropriate educational games for your children. In this session, we give you educational games for 7 year olds it means that you cannot force your children who are still in 5 or 6 year old to understand this game but it doesn’t mean also you cannot show the games to your children. Even it is an educational games for 7 year olds, as a parents you have known the capacity and ability of your children. 

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