Educational games for 5 year olds

As we explain in previous article, every child is like playing. When we want to teach them something, we need creative way in order to they want to learn. We cannot force them to learn something strictly because it will make our children stress. Fun learning is one of the alternative way which can we apply for our children. There are many educational games which can be your reference. You must take educational games which is appropriate with your children age. Now, we will give you some educational games for 5 year olds. Children in 5 year olds age are in middle step. They have left toddler age and become to children age. So, what kind of educational games for 5 year olds? Let’s see together

Pairs educational games for 5 year olds

Educational games for 5 year olds

In this age, the children will be enthusiastic for playing with their friend. They want to know each other. It is a good time for parents to ask your children for playing with their friends. Ask your children for playing by pairs. There are many references of pair games which can do by your children. There are outdoor games or indoor games. One things that you must pay attention more is make sure that the games is safety for your children and it can make your children learning something from that games. Educational games for 5 year olds are the games which can make your children run, explore body and muscle and crowded.

Drawing educational games for 5 year olds

Your children must like colors, in this age also you can start teach them about color. Coloring activity can be one choice for your children beside if your children have talent in drawing you also can ask them for drawing the cartoon or icon which are they love most. Be a good partner in drawing and coloring activity you can give direction to your children step by step you also can give suggestion for which color is the best for the subject. The most important thing is never blame your children as long as coloring or drawing activity because it can make your children lose hope and give up with themselves.

Puzzle educational games for 5 year olds

Puzzle is one of educational games for your children. You can start apply this game since 3 year olds until 5 year olds. The difference between puzzle games for 3 year olds and 5 year olds is in the number of puzzle pieces. If in 3 year olds you start from 9 pieces puzzle, in 5 year old you will increase the number become to 24 or 36 pieces puzzle. Choose the picture of puzzle based on your children favorite pictures because it can stimulate your children to find and arrange the puzzle until finish. Puzzle games will increase memorize skill of your children. It is very suitable as educational games for 5 year olds.

So, based on those three kinds of educational games for 5 year olds you can determine which one the most appropriate for your children. Or maybe you have another game for 5 year olds it doesn’t matter.  Whatever the educational games you used the most important thing is your children fun and happy.

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