Educational games for 3 years old

From 2 to 4 years of a child discovers the world around him. Children in 2 to 4 years need fun and educational games even they are boys or girls. The games are needed to support their growth and development. Parents must look for fun and educational games for them. The special phase will be face in 3 years old. In 3 years old the children are in the middle stage for learning and they want to explore everything. There are many kinds’ educational games for 3 years old. Special in this session we will explain about kinds of educational games for 3 years old. Let’s check some educational games for 3 years old

Educational games book for 3 years old

educational games for 3 years old

Small children like to do many things at a young age. Of course they also want to discover more and more new things. Children are also always keeping busy and prefer mostly sit at a young age not quiet.

Now there is the Deltas activity book. This book is for children between 2 and 6 years. In each chapter you will come to different subjects with different activities for the little ones among us. Are you so interested in the human body? There are also interesting book which has developed in the industry of the human body. Discover finally where all your bodies are and how much you actually have in your body.

Calendar educational games for 3 years old

What an incredibly fun and useful product, remuneration calendar. Make it for your child even more fun and interesting to do more, however. Reward your child with a star for each activity or behavior which is listed on the calendar. Select the maximum number of stars can earn your child and reward him or her afterwards with a gift! This toy stimulates the motor skills in children. They learn the alphabet, counting numbers and colors. It is also very fun toy because of the bright colors and fun shapes.

Magnetic educational games for 3 years old

The magnet set from Janod is ideal for small children. He is in fact very easy to take apart and put back together. This is because the parts are magnetic and are clicks on each other. No use is made of small hinges there. In this series there are different versions which include a convertible, helicopter, plane and even a pickup truck with trailer. Create different combinations with these super cute magnetic toys. There are also other kinds of educational games for 3 years old that you can try. The stones are 5 cm long. The blocks stimulate fine motor skills, which children learn their concentration to maintain and develop a better ability to create. In addition, the children create a judgment. They learn to recognize colors, name and distinct.

So, which one of educational games for 3 years old that you prefer to play for children? For your information, this toys and games are not only for 3 years old children but it can be for 2 or 4 years old also. 

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