Educational games for 2 year olds

In this stage, the children have able to differentiate number of things. For example, if the parents hold two oranges on the right hands and three oranges on the left hand, the children know that the number of oranges on the left hand has more than on the right one. It means that this is a first stage for parents introducing about number to explore logical-mathematics intelligence of the children. The challenges that will be faced by the parents are the children don’t know the theoretical concepts of mathematics, so the parents must have another way to introduce about mathematics for children. Some educational games for 2 year olds that you can play at home together are:

Educational games for 2 year olds using tools

educational games for 2 years old

There are educational games which need tools for playing but there are also educational games which doesn’t need tools for playing. For games which using tools for playing we have count the kick game. The tool you need is chair only. How to play this game? Hold the seat edge then kick into the air. Ask your children to follow that motion. Say “one, two, three, kiiickkk”. Then you kick into the air at the same time you say kiiiick. As the variation, you can kick to the front or you can also give the example to kick beside or kick back. This educational games for 2 year olds good to do because this game introduce vocabulary of number and the kick motion also practice the muscle tone.

Educational games for 2 year olds without tools

The kind of games that you can play without using tools are little step, 123 dug, and meet the foot. For little step games you just ask your children for walking. As we know, children in this age are learning to walk. So, when the child walks you say one, two, and three and also say right, left, right, and left and so on. 123 dug is a game for parents and child. Put your children on your on your lap then point your head to child head then meet your head with children slowly at the same time you say 1,2,3 dug.  This game is good to do because it can introduce the sequence of numbers, introducing part of body and sharpen the sensitivity of skin.

Educational games for 2 year olds using candy

Every child love sweet food, like candy, chocolate, cake and etc. usually sweet food are bad for children because the children are lazy for brushing their teeth after eating sweet food. As a creative parent we must be smarter to direct our children. You can use candy to teach about logical mathematics to your children. How to do that? First, put the candy on the plate (no more than 5), second ask your children to count the number of candy, then ask to them what color are they? You also can teach about addition or subtraction by adding new candy or ask your children to eat the candy for subtraction.

This educational game for 2 year olds is good to do because this game can help your children to understand the concept of addition and subtraction. Besides, the children also can know many colors.

Is it easy? Yeah, all of these educational games are very easy to do. Educational games for 2 year olds not to be complicated but make it simple yet it contains many benefits for your children. 

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