A glance of apple nutrition facts

Have you ever known the nutrition of apple? A fruit which is easy found in everywhere we are actually has good nutrition for health. What is the nutrition? And how to get the best nutrition in apple should we eat them raw or make it into another kind of food? As we know, apple also can be as an ingredient when we are cooking. In the fact, apple has many kinds and each kind of apple has different taste. Of course in every kind of apple there is different nutrition too. Let’s check the apple nutrition facts below in order you know that apple is very good for your health.

Apple nutrition facts for blood sugar

apple nutrition facts

Apple has phytonutrients and polyphenol which they are have many benefits for your blood sugar. The polyphenols in apple has been researched and the result of the research has shown that polyphenols can reduce absorption of glucose from digestive tract, make the beta cells of the pancreas driven to secrete insulin, and to be quick on uptake of glucose from the blood via stimulation of insulin receptors. Apple polyphenols are triggered by all of these mechanisms that are why it can make regulation of your blood sugar easier.  Polyphenol is only one of apple nutrition facts. There are still many apple nutrition facts which make you amazing of it.  

Dietary fiber as apple nutrition facts

Is apple a good source of dietary fiber? I don’t think so. Even though apple is not including as an excellent source of dietary fiber, but you can find fiber in apple as the combination between fiber and other nutrition. And in the fact, the combination provides you with higher health benefits. You just can associate the kind of that health benefit with higher amounts of dietary fiber.  It can prevent heart disease because apple has lowering effect of blood fats. it usually know as pectin. The content of fiber is only 2-3 gram per 3.5 ounces and that pectins account is only 50% of total fiber. In summary the cardiovascular benefits of apple is not only explained by fiber alone but also with interaction between fiber and phytonutrients. That interaction is in apple.  So, apple is a wonderful fruit which can fulfill you to get full cardiovascular benefit. That is another apple nutrition facts that you can find.

Apple nutrition facts for consumption

You can eat whole food form of apple if you want to satisfy your wants to eat them. Every people have different way to consume apple. You can make apple juice, apple pie, or another food form as you like. But, the research shown that people who consume apple as a juice or another food form are still less hunger and better for them to consume apple as a fruit whole. The time for you to eat apple is 15 minutes before meal. Eating whole apple has another benefit. It helps us to manage or hunger and make us feeling more satisfied with our food. Apple nutrition facts can be work well if you eat them according to recommendation. Recommendation portion to eat apple is an apple a day. It is appropriate with old say “An Apple a day keep doctors away”

That’s all a glance of apple nutrition facts. We hope it can be useful for you. Don’t forget to eat one apple a day for better health in the future. Although apple is a cheap and easy found fruit but the content are really expensive for your health. 

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