How to use the effective teaching methods for children

Some people will find difficulties when they teach children and some people feel easy and enjoy the process of teaching. As an appreciation for the children some of you usually using reward. Do you know that many things that your children should learn? Everything that you teach must be use different method and technique. As an example, will you use same method and technique to teach your child tie shoes and when you teach mathematics for them? There are various teaching method and technique that you can use for children. Teaching method for children must be appropriate with the situation and the things that you learn. Here are some divisions of teaching method for children:

Teaching method for children based on learning styles

effective teaching methods for children

As we know, the children have their own learning styles. Some sources mention 7 primary learning styles. Some sources again mention three as the primary one. The primary learning styles are Visual, Aural, Verbal, Physical, Logical, Social, and Solitary. If you have known the learning styles, you would have chosen the best teaching method for children. Make sure that you apply the best method and technique in your learning process. Don’t forget to make fun and enjoy atmosphere of learning process.

Teaching method for children based on best teaching practice

This method is usually applied in school and used as method for teaching school subject. Children and young learners need engage with the teacher. Traditional way of teaching makes a gap between teacher and student. To avoid that gap, communicative method appeared. One of the examples of communicative method is Assessment for Learning (AfL). What will you get by using Afl in the learning process? The research has proven that AfL can increase students achievement, help the students to be more understand, help the students identify they knowledge area and develop their skills. AfL is the teaching method for children that need training and coaching for applying this method and technique well. This method cannot apply carelessly.

Alternative teaching method for children

Beside the two types of teaching method for children above, there are others teaching method for children. This type appear because of someone has already used the method as the first time. Since that time they are success and their name become the name of method too. The first is Montessori. This method is invented by dr. Maria Montessori. She classes typically span of three-year age groups. The second is Steiner/Waldorf. He is a founder of Waldorf School in 1919 in Stuttgart, Germany. The third is Harkness. He creates a large oval table as the centerpiece of any classrooms. The fourth is Reggio Emilia. Reggio Emilia School emphasizes participation of parents. He believes that the connection between students and their parents will help the achievement of the students.

Based on the explanation above you will have many method and technique that you can use to teach your children. Learn something for children will be new experience and fun. So, make sure you choose the effective teaching method for children

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