Kinds of newborn girl clothes

Having a baby is the greatest experience in our life. After married, the couples are looking forward to have a baby and become parents. As long as pregnant period, the parents especially mommy will prepare all the things for welcoming the baby. One of the things which prepared by the mommy is baby clothes. We will find many kinds of baby clothes especially for girl. It will be an exciting experience when we go for shopping them. To avoid the exaggerate shopping you have to know what kinds of cloth that you want and suitable for your baby. Let’s check what kinds of newborn girl clothes that can be your choice.

·         Bodysuits or outfits newborn girl clothes

This kind is a standard model of newborn baby clothes. Every newborn baby usually wears this cloth as this model is very easy found in the shop. For newborn girl clothes, the bodysuits or outfits model can be pink color or blossom theme with flower motif. Pink and flower are the girl identity. Almost of girls or women really like with pink color and flower theme. There are two models of bodysuits itself. The first model is long sleeve bodysuits and the second is short sleeve. The long sleeve is suitable for wearing at the evening and at the night for sleeping because it can cover the baby from the cold air and mosquito if there. Besides, the short one is suitable for the morning and afternoon in order to the baby can move freely.

·         Sets newborn girl clothes

Sets are a model of baby clothes which consists of tops and bottoms. The tops usually can be a t-shirt of bodysuits or even jumpsuits. The bottoms also can be pants or short. When you are interested with this model you have to know how to mix and match the tops and the bottom in order to they are good looking and your baby looks adorable to others. There are many shop which sell the sets for newborn girl clothes if you don’t want to waste your time just for find the pair for your baby clothes. Buy the sets which have available in the shop.

·         Dresses for newborn girl clothes

Dress is one of girl clothes model. Kids, teenager, adult woman, and even the girl baby also wear dresses. Dresses are simple because you don’t need to look for the bottoms. Now, there are many shops which sell dress for newborn baby especially newborn girl dress. You can find many color and motif are available there even you can confuse to choose the best one for your baby. There are bodysuits dress sets, woven dress set, jumper set, and casual one. Just pick the most you like.

Usually, newborn baby can’t go outside far away from home until they are 3 months age because the immune system of their body is still sensitive with the outside air. So, better for us as parents to choose newborn girl clothes which can be used at home often. The most important thing the material of the clothes is comfortable and safe for baby skin.

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