How to teach kids to read at home

Reading is one of human skills. You can get much information about life by reading. There are proverbs which said that book is a window of the world. If you want to see what the window has, you have to read the book. When the children should learn to read? Is there the limitation of age for children to learn reading? Actually, there is no limitation for learning to read. There is only a stage which faced by the children. There are some things that you have to know when you teach the kids to read in the early stage. Pay attention to all things which related to their learning process. Here are some ways how to teach kids to read. You can try some of the ways to teach your kids at home

how to teach kids to read by spelling

    How to teach kids to read by spelling

Spelling the letter can do by the children when they can speak at the first time. Start from the short words with one syllable. It can help your kids in learning process. Your kids will not get a burden when they are learning. To get the best result, you should do this way step by step. After your kids have been good in spelling of one syllable words try with longer words. You have to do this step regularly in order to your children can read well. Is how to teach kids to read by spelling is interesting for you?

     How to teach kids to read by sound  

      After we teach the alphabet to the kids, we must introduce to our kids the sound and pronunciation of the words itself. As we know, the pronunciations of each letter in some words are different with the other words. As parents, we have to give an example of good pronunciation of each word. As an example the way of pronounce ‘b’ in words ‘bob’ is different with ‘b’ in ‘bee’. By this method, your kids can differentiate each word and read the discourse well. You also can read the words for your kids and then your kids follow the way of you read. do you prefer the way of how to teach kids to read by sound?

    How to teach kids to read by picture

Look at the picture also can be a method of learning to read. It can be the greatest way of learning to read. Your kids will understand what is going on in the story by looking the picture of the books. Before you ask your kids to read the book, it’s better for you to flip the pages and comment the picture of the books.  After your kids looks all the picture of the books. Try to ask your kids about the story of the book. As example, if there is any word about color. Ask your kids what suitable color of those words. How to teach kids to read by picture is another way you can to do with your kids. For making more fun learning process, choose the various materials of learning such as comic books, magazine and etc. how to teach kids to read by picture just an alternative way for teaching reading

That’s all kinds of method that you can use to teach your kids to read. How to teach your kids to read is the question that you have to find the answer when your kids in the age of 3-5 years old. Each ways have own method so, find the best method for each ways.

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