3 ways of teaching children to write

Teaching children to write is a fun activity and memorable for our children. At the first time, we will find difficulties when ask them to write. Our children will say that it is hard, they can’t or they are lazy to do it. As a parent, we don’t run out of think we must have many alternatives in order to our children can learn to write effectively. Teaching children to write need commitment between parents and children. Parents as a teacher should be give motivation and direction to the children. Don’t force your children to push their limit. It will be better if you ask your children to write step by step. There are 3 ways that can be as your reference for teaching children to write:

Teaching children to write by giving reward

teaching children to write

First time experience for learning to write will be an enjoyable experience for you and your children. As their new experience in literacy, try to motivate them by giving reward when they do the direction well. Before you start to teach your children for writing, you have to prepare the tools for writing such as pencil, paper, whiteboards, or marker. Make sure that the tools which you used are small and appropriate for your children. Then take your position next to your children. After that, you can start to teach your children. Make your activity of teaching children to write become an enjoyable experience.

Teaching children to write by using highlighters or color markers

Children love color, so it will be easy and fun for them when they start writing using color. Larger and larger number of color you used will be fun for your children. At the first, ask your children to write the words using solid colors. If you are confused what words that you want to your children write, you can start from their name. Writing name has two advantages besides learning writing. It can help your children when they are going to enter kindergarten. Your children can introduce their name to others.

Teaching children to write with shaving cream

For making fun activity when learning to write besides using highlighters or color markers you also can use shaving cream as a substitute of book or paper. How can you do that? Put shaving cream on a pan then flatten the cream into whole part of the pan. Next you can ask your children for making a letter in the shaving cream using their finger. If the pan is larger you also can write their name, the parents name or other words  Teaching children to write with shaving cream is one of alternative way that you can try at home.

That is the three ways of teaching children to write. Have a fun activity with your children. Learning must not be at the room with chair and desk, but it can be do in everywhere. Play and learn will be more effective and the result is better you don’t have to force your children to do what you want. You have to follow their wants then direct them into the learning process. 

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