Three main types of learning style

Every people love to learn. Students, colleagues, parents, employee and etc will learn everything in their life. Whatever you are learning the most important thing is you have known the way of learn for you. Types of learning style are determined the successful from the learning process itself. Do you know? How many types of learning style? Actually, there are three main types of learning styles. They are auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Some people learn use the combination of that three types, but everybody is different. Let’s check how the explanation of those three main types of learning styles by detail:

Auditory types of learning style

types of learning style

This type prefers using sound and music for learning. Auditory learners would rather listen to things being explained than to read them. The auditory learner’s methods are using sound, rhyme, and music in the way of learning. They also use sound recordings to provide a background and help them to get visualizations. When creating memories or acrostic, they have to make the most of rhythm and rhyme, or set them to a jingle or part of song.

Visual types of learning style

This type prefers using pictures, images, and spatial understanding. Visual learners learn best by looking at graphics, watching a demonstration, or reading. For them, it's easy to look at charts and graphs, but they may have difficulty focusing while listening to an explanation. To make it easier the visual learners usually replace the words with pictures, and use color to highlight major and minor links.

Kinesthetic types of learning style

This type prefers using hands, body and sense of touch. Kinesthetic learners process information best through a "hands-on" experience. Actually doing an activity can be the easiest way for them to learn. Sitting still while studying may be difficult, but writing things down makes it easier to understand. Kinesthetic learners also focus on the sensations they would expect in each scenario. For assertions and scripting, they have to describe the physical feelings of their actions. To get the best result of learning they must use physical objects as much as they can.

Now, you have known about three main types of learning style. So, what types are you? It’s better for us to use the most suitable types of learning styles in order to we can get the best result from our learning process. If we didn’t get the best result from learning process, it would be we use the wrong way of learning. These types of learning styles are not to categorize people and underestimate each other, but it just for help your learning process. As a learners, every person has own way to understand the material. Some people haven’t realized that learning styles of each person are different. That’s why this article is created. Hopefully, it can be useful for the readers. Find out your own types of learning style then apply in your life and in your learning process. Get the best result of yours! 

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