How to teach multiplication to kindergarten

When you read the title you will think how the kids in kindergarten ages can learn multiplication. Normally, kids usually start learning multiplication in 2nd or 3rd grade, but it is not impossible for you to teach the concept of multiplication earlier. If you give them the way to answer the question or to do a task of multiplication, you will get nothing. You just can teach them a basic foundation of multiplication itself. Give them a basic foundation of multiplication with short, simple and regular lesson. The point is making your lesson become fun and friendly. You just have to know how to teach multiplication to kindergarten. Because when you know the method, you will make the appropriate learning process. Here some trick that you can do at home:

How to teach multiplication to kindergarten using manipulatives

How to teach multiplication to kindergarten

All you need to this method is peanuts, toys characters, or button as manipulative things. Then you ask your child to choose three toys characters and put 2 buttons in front of each character.  Your children have to count how many button they have in front of the characters. They will have total 6 buttons. After this process, you give short explanation why the total is 6. First you can say addition concept by saying 2 plus 2 plus 2 equal 6 and then you also say another explanation by saying in different ways that three groups of toys character with 2 buttons also become 6. Say that not only with words but also with your body language. For example sweep your fingers over the entire button when you point out the total of 6. Continue this process with various amount of number but keep in small number. Your focus is say to your children that the first number represents a number of groups and the second number of items in each group.

 How to teach multiplication to kindergarten by doing problems on Paper

After you teach the concepts using manipulatives object, try to do some problems on paper per a day. Make a story first before you ask your children. For example, a gardener is collecting tomatoes from his garden. He has 2 baskets and he fills 3 tomatoes for each basket. How many tomatoes did he collect altogether? On a paper you draw a picture about this problem and ask your children to count the amount of tomatoes. First write 3+3= 6, say to your children that addition is one way to know the amount of tomatoes, then you write 2x3=6. Explain to your children that this is another way to know the amount of tomatoes. Say 2 groups of 3 tomatoes are equal to 6. Point out to them that 2 is represent a number of basket and 3 is represent a number of tomatoes and the 6 is represent a number of altogether.

How to teach multiplication to kindergarten by using mental math

Once you have been doing problems for a while, move onto mental math problems. For example you have two candies and your brother has two candies. How many candies are altogether? If they say four, you say yes  then say to them that 2 times 2 is 4 and two groups of two things is equal 4. Keep in small number at this point. Your focus is for helping your children understand the basic concepts of multiplication.

That’s some method of  how to teach multiplication to kindergarten. Try the method step by step and make sure that the learning situation is fun and friendly don’t force your children to understand as quick as possible. Let your children understand by themselves. 


Justin03 said...

Superb article on teaching multiplication to kindergarten students! I can’t wait to try this in my Phoenix pre-k classroom. I hope my students will also learn this quickly! Well, thanks for this great share!

N Rana said...

It is true that teaching concept of multiplication earlier can be a great advantage for your kid. I am impressed with your fun ways of teaching multiplication. I will surely try all this when teaching my kids. Personally I use this website for such inspirations to teach educational stuff to them.

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