Short Story For Kids With Moral Lesson

       Short story for kids is the interesting tool for parents to teach good moral and educational value to their children. By using short story, the parents can read it before their children sleep or when they are taking a rest. The importance of short story for kids with moral lesson becomes the first because not all of the short story has good value and right conduct.  As a parents, we have to be selective with short story which can we read to our children. Hence we give some title of short story for kids with moral lesson:

Short Story for kids with moral value

Short Story For Kids

There are some short stories for kids which have moral value. Some titles of the short story are: the hare and the tortoise, the town mouse and the country mouse, you can’t please everyone, be good to your enemies everyone, and etc. the moral value which have in that short stories are: good attitude and confident can create good environment and happy friendship. Most of the kids like to be same with their friends and will be feel weird when they have different opinion whereas the difference is not always bad.

Short story for kids with bravery value

Pedro Pablo Sacristan is one of the famous author short stories for kids. Some title of his short story teaches bravery value. The first story is “dark wizard, spark wizard” this short story teaches our kids to overcome fear of storms. The second is “The island of two sides” this story gives us value about decision and dissent. From this story the kids can know how to make a decision and face the dissent between them. Finally, the story entitled “The lion’s tail” teaches us about courage, address the abuse and harassment. This value is very important because nowadays many case about child abuse and harassment for children. Through this story they can learn how to face strangers and what they have to do when they get abuse or harassment.

Short story for kids about goodness

There are fifteen stories about goodness. The stories are written by Pedro Pablo Sacristan. Hence we will give the top 3. At third position we have “The Pillow Fairy” this story tells us about create awareness and conscience. At the second we have “Tickets to heaven” this story is no less interesting than the first because it has the same marks. The “Tickets of heaven” tells about hope, enthusiasm, and goodness. And finally at the first position is “An unexpected arrival” this story tells about dealing with a loss mother.

Based on the short stories above, now we know that short story can help us to teach value for our children. Short story for kids with moral lesson can be alternative way to improve the education of your children and it also enhances family relationship. You can get many moral lesson and value from short story. The most important thing that you have to do is choose the best short story for kids with moral lesson and tell to your children as funny as possible. 

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