What are the health benefits of coconut milk?

Coconut milk is a very healthy food for everyone who likes to drink even more than goat's milk or cow. This article will explain the different properties of coconut milk, its benefits and we will teach you to prepare a simple recipe. It is a food rich in calories, 350 calories per 100g. To consume, which is an energy contribution represents 3% of what you need daily an adult. Note that the properties of coconut change during the process of preparing the coconut milk.  Benefits of milk coco Vitamins are rich in B vitamins, especially B1 and B2. Another vitamin very present in this food is vitamin C. coconut milk also rich in minerals among the nutritional properties of coconut milk out especially potassium, much higher phosphorus and calcium. In fewer and found the iron, selenium, magnesium and zinc. It is also rich in fiber and fatty acids as well as saturated fats.
Then let's see what the health benefits of coconut milk are:

  Health benefits of coconut milk for fighting Anemia
Anemia is caused by an iron deficiency in the blood, which causes enough hemoglobin is not formed in the blood to keep oxygen in the blood. Therefore coconut milk is so beneficial because it allows combat and prevent anemia. Another food that will help you combat this disease is broccoli

Health benefits of coconut milk for helping muscle and nerve development
     a benefit of the coconut milk is its high amount of potassium, as well as the presence of magnesium, which helps muscle and nerve development. This makes it very good for children growth stages food.
      Calcium is very good for our body, but it makes the nerve cells are activated. However, thanks to the magnesium activation and possible problems that might cause is avoided. Coconut milk is a great home for the colon, due to its high concentration of fiber, toxins choice of food passing through the intestines, preventing the possible occurrence of cancer removed.

Health benefits of coconut milk for body
    Containing Selenium, an antioxidant that works to reduce inflammation caused by arthritis, for example. Being rich in potassium, a nutrient owned very high coconut milk, helps fight hypertension. There are a variety of foods that will help fight hypertension, from carrot garlic. In our post about home remedies for high blood pressure you have many other foods and techniques that will help you to have a normal voltage. Being rich in vitamin C helps the immune system stronger and reduces the likelihood of illness or cell damage. Other foods high in vitamin C include grapefruit, tangerine and orange, among some other citrus. It ensures the proper functioning of the prostate because containing zinc ensures that the prostate works well and reduces the likelihood of prostate cancer. Coconut milk is rich in calcium, but phosphorous. So this helps to strengthen bones and keep them healthy.

As you can see the nutritional properties of coconut milk are as good as the nutritional properties of cow's milk. So do not hesitate to try health benefits of coconut milk and enjoy its sweet taste.


The best way to cook white rice

A few weeks ago, I got many questions from my friend about cooking rice and the taste of rice. A friend complained about her tasteless rice, then I ask her how do you cook your rice? You know what she said? "I cook it and then I pour it off." And there you have your answer right away. The drain, you also pour the entire flavor away. Rice has there do taste and smell alone, it is subtle. This is true not only for all the white rice, but also to wild and brown rice.
Therefore, I’m going to teach you today how to cook perfect rice, both in an ordinary pan, and if in a rice cooker. The perfect rice is a perfectly steamed rice grains, which are almost dry, but still a little stick. Chinese people love Thai pandan rice, therefore, here is the perfect recipe for panda rice. If you prefer to eat basmati rice, you must add an extra half inch of water.
You have to pay attention that cooking the perfect rice is a matter of trust. Do not be tempted to lift lid to check whether the rice is almost cooked. If you do, your rice is never perfect! Here are some the best way to cook white rice that you can do at your home

The best way to cook white rice in an ordinary pan
The first time when you want to cook rice in an ordinary pan is you must use a large pan with a thick bottom. Then wash the rice a few times. The water does not need to be completely clear. Make sure the rice is level and add as much water to add that the rice for about half an inch under state: stick your finger in the water and the water should you do when your finger touches the rice, just do not touch upper phalanx. (If the old rice, which is harvested more than a year ago, you'll need a little more water about 2 cm)
Put the pan on high heat and bring to a boil. Once it boils, turn the heat down a bit and boil for five minutes. Then turn the heat to the lowest possible position, the lower the better, if necessary using a smaller pit and let it stand 20 minutes. Turn off the heat and let the rice at least five minutes. Before serving of rice, you need to scoop the rice because on top of the rice is drier than below it.

The best way to cook white rice in a rice cooker
Wash the rice a few times in the pan of the rice cooker. The water does not need to be completely clear. Make sure the rice is level and add as much water to add that the rice for about a half inch under it. Dry the outside of the pan and put it in the rice cooker. Turn on the rice cooker and wait until it goes out.
That's a lot easier, right? A rice cooker makes perfect rice every time, and you can have more than just cook rice. You also can it for vegetables, meat and fish steaming.  If you choose a more expensive rice cooker with more options, you can also make in congee (rice porridge), soups and stews.

The best way to cook white rice in large portion
If in previous explanation, I told you the best way to cook white rice using an ordinary pan and rice cooker. Now, I want to tell you how to cook rice in large portion. Either an ordinary pan or rice cooker you can use both of them. The important things that should be your attention is the measurement between number of rice and water. Usually, when you cooked rice in a large portion the water is less than it should be. Make sure the water by using your fingers. If the water has same level with your phalanx of finger it means the water is enough. Just do not touch upper your phalanx.

So, which the best way to cook white rice for you? Hope this article can be useful for you all.


The best nutrition facts for orange juice

The orange juice is made ​​from unfermented fresh oranges and provide a number of benefits for our body. This juice is the richest source of vitamin C and the most recommended daily vitamin. It is enough for you to drink a glass of orange juice every morning. Orange juice is rich of useful minerals like magnesium and potassium. Nutrition facts for orange juice are it is very low in fat and contain no cholesterol. Do you want to know the nutrition facts for orange juice? Here they are:

Rich in vitamin C as nutrition facts for orange juice
Vitamin C cannot be synthesized by the human body so that we ingest through food and drink. Drinking two glasses of orange juice a day can increase the concentration. There is 40 to 64% vitamin C that our body need every day. Vitamin C that we get from orange juice protects our body from the harmful effects of free radicals that cause premature aging and helps in the absorption of essential minerals such as calcium. It makes our body cannot easy get ill. Vitamin C is nutrition in orange juice which can make our body fit and helps our activity. The nutrition facts for orange juice made orange juice as a health beverage.

Nutrition facts for orange juice can reduce inflammation
Consuming foods high in fat or sugar can lead to the development of inflammatory reactions. Inflammatory reactions lead to insulin durability. This situation is a common cause of type II diabetes and atherosclerosis. A very serious condition where the walls of blood vessels harden due to fatty deposits is called as atherosclerosis. Drinking orange juice with a meal rich in carbohydrates and high in fat will prevent the occurrence of this inflammation, so it is a good preventive way to against insulin resistance and atherosclerosis. It is one of nutrition facts for orange juice that can help someone avoid atherosclerosis. Orange juice also can balance blood pressure because it contains hesperidins, soluble pigment very healthy water.

Nutrition facts for orange juice can reduce bad cholesterol
It is believed that the orange juice which is taken regularly can reduce low density lipoprotein, cholesterol levels or LDL cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is commonly known as "bad" cholesterol, which accumulates in the arteries and blood vessels, causing heart problems, cardiovascular problems and problems with healthy blood flow and blood oxygen. So, now don’t be hesitated for consuming orange juice because nutrition facts for orange juice are really amazing.  

Other benefits of nutrition facts for orange juice
Vitamin B6 which we found in orange juice helps in the production of hemoglobin. Orange juice has Beta carotene which can help prevent cell damage. Besides this natural drink has some calcium, which can help promote healthy bones and strong teeth. Folic acid helps to work the brain, spinal cord and nervous system. It has also been found that this juice is highly beneficial for weight loss. Some also said that consuming orange juice brings a radiant glow to the skin and provides other benefits. Drinking this juice will help hydrate the skin and keep it firm. Use of this drink as a topical treatment does wonders for the skin too. Clean and closes clogged pores and is believed to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Orange juice is also a great natural remedy for treating sunburn. How cool nutrition facts for orange juice are.

We always said to everyone, have a glass of orange juice a day helps us in many physical and physiological aspects of the body. Throughout life we pass colds, stress, hunger, and bone or joint pain, and orange juice these problems will become much smaller. That’s all nutrition facts for orange juice that we can give. Wish this information is useful for you all. 

The benefits of coconut water nutrition for our body

Coconut is a kind of water which has many benefits. The benefits not only from the fruits itself but it comes from all of the part from coconut. Parts of coconut tree give us many benefits from the root, branch, and leaf. Coconut fruit has shell, meat and water. All of the part of coconut gives many benefits from human being. Here we will find out about coconut water nutrition. Coconut water is a refreshing drink. To get the most refreshing coconut water you have to get the tender, green, healthy and undamaged coconut. For you who live in tropical area, coconut water is the best choice to beat tropical summer thirst. What is coconut water nutrition? What is the benefit for our health? Let’s check together:

·         Coconut water nutrition for diarrhea patients
As we know, diarrhea is a kind of illness which causes the patient loss much fluid from their body. In that situation, we need the replacement of fluid loss. Coconut water is good news because it can replace fluid loss for diarrhea patients in tropic regions. Besides that, coconut water also can reduce the need for intravenous therapy. Tender coconut water has slightly greater osmolarity than WHO recommended. It is one of the advantages over of tender coconut. Dehydration conditions can’t be ignored. It needs special attention. The ideal drink to recover dehydration conditions is a kind of beverages which have well-balanced fluid composition between sodium and chlorides, but rich in sugars and amino acids. That’s why coconut water nutrition can treat diarrhea patients and rectify dehydrations.

·         Names of coconut water nutrition

What is the nutrition in coconut water? Here are name of content in coconut water. The first we have bioactive enzymes such as  acid phosphatase, catalase, dehydrogenase, diastase, peroxidase, RNA-polymerases etc. the second is mineral like calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, and zinc. The third is electrolyte potassium. And finally there are vitamin B complex and small amount of vitamin C. there are many kind of nutrition, aren’t they?

·         Comparison of coconut water nutrition
From the beginning, we talk about coconut water we find out that coconut water is a special drink than others. How do we know? Let’s we compare coconut water with orange juice. Orange juice has very good amount of potassium and calcium. In the other hand, coconut water has more than potassium and calcium. Some drinks or fruit juices need addition of sugar to make it tasty, but coconut water is less sugar. Although it doesn’t use addition of sugar the plain coconut water taste is very delicious. So, it is clear that coconut water nutrition is very good for our health and body.

Although coconut water has many benefits for our health, you cannot drink this over than your need. Everything that is good will be not good if you consumed by excessively. Keep pay attention with the measurement of your body needs. Coconut water nutrition can be work when you consumed it normally and appropriate with your needs. if you want to buy or find coconut water you can go to the nearby store in your area. for tropic regions will be easy to find coconut because coconut grow up in this regions. 


A glance of apple nutrition facts

Have you ever known the nutrition of apple? A fruit which is easy found in everywhere we are actually has good nutrition for health. What is the nutrition? And how to get the best nutrition in apple should we eat them raw or make it into another kind of food? As we know, apple also can be as an ingredient when we are cooking. In the fact, apple has many kinds and each kind of apple has different taste. Of course in every kind of apple there is different nutrition too. Let’s check the apple nutrition facts below in order you know that apple is very good for your health.

·         Apple nutrition facts for blood sugar
Apple has phytonutrients and polyphenol which they are have many benefits for your blood sugar. The polyphenols in apple has been researched and the result of the research has shown that polyphenols can reduce absorption of glucose from digestive tract, make the beta cells of the pancreas driven to secrete insulin, and to be quick on uptake of glucose from the blood via stimulation of insulin receptors. Apple polyphenols are triggered by all of these mechanisms that are why it can make regulation of your blood sugar easier.  Polyphenol is only one of apple nutrition facts. There are still many apple nutrition facts which make you amazing of it.  

·         Dietary fiber as apple nutrition facts
Is apple a good source of dietary fiber? I don’t think so. Even though apple is not including as an excellent source of dietary fiber, but you can find fiber in apple as the combination between fiber and other nutrition. And in the fact, the combination provides you with higher health benefits. You just can associate the kind of that health benefit with higher amounts of dietary fiber.  It can prevent heart disease because apple has lowering effect of blood fats. it usually know as pectin. The content of fiber is only 2-3 gram per 3.5 ounces and that pectins account is only 50% of total fiber. In summary the cardiovascular benefits of apple is not only explained by fiber alone but also with interaction between fiber and phytonutrients. That interaction is in apple.  So, apple is a wonderful fruit which can fulfill you to get full cardiovascular benefit. That is another apple nutrition facts that you can find.

·         Apple nutrition facts for consumption
You can eat whole food form of apple if you want to satisfy your wants to eat them. Every people have different way to consume apple. You can make apple juice, apple pie, or another food form as you like. But, the research shown that people who consume apple as a juice or another food form are still less hunger and better for them to consume apple as a fruit whole. The time for you to eat apple is 15 minutes before meal. Eating whole apple has another benefit. It helps us to manage or hunger and make us feeling more satisfied with our food. Apple nutrition facts can be work well if you eat them according to recommendation. Recommendation portion to eat apple is an apple a day. It is appropriate with old say “An Apple a day keep doctors away”

That’s all a glance of apple nutrition facts. We hope it can be useful for you. Don’t forget to eat one apple a day for better health in the future. Although apple is a cheap and easy found fruit but the content are really expensive for your health. 


A fact about sunflower seeds nutrition

I believe that some of you are familiar with sunflower seeds. God has created sunflower with the gift, that is, sunflower seeds. Not only the flowers are beautiful but also the seeds are high containing of nutrition. When we look at the shell, it will be not interesting because the shell of sunflower seeds is grayish-green or black with white stripes. Although the shell was not interesting it has very high oil content. Sunflower is a family of Helianthus. That’s why the Latin name of sunflower is Helianthus annuus. Middle American region is a native place for sunflower. Now, it has spread to important commercial crop over the world. The leading countries of producing sunflower seeds are china, USA, and Argentina. Now, let’s check about sunflower seeds nutrition. What are the benefits and nutrition that have with sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seeds nutrition contain

A fact about sunflower seeds nutrition

There are many kinds of nutrition in sunflower seeds.  The sunflower seeds can be categorized as a healthy food. It is high in energy. In every 100g of sunflower seeds there are about 584 calories. How can sunflower seeds have high calories in? They come from fatty acids. This is the difference between sunflower seeds with other nut or seed. The other sunflower seeds nutrition is Vitamin E. sunflower seeds are really rich with Vitamin E. as we know the benefits of Vitamin E are maintaining the integrity of cell membrane of mucus membranes and skin by protecting it from harmful oxygen-free radicals. In every 100g sunflower seeds there are 35.17g vitamin E which is about 234% of RDA. Besides calorie and vitamin E. there are also Calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium, selenium, and copper in sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds nutrition based on the type of seeds

If the fruit and vegetable can be consumed by two types those are raw or by process. Sunflower seeds have many types. They are salted and unsalted, dry roasted, oil roasted, and raw dried. Which one of those type which have higher nutrition? The answer is each type has own nutrition content. For example 1 tablespoon of salted, dry roasted sunflower seeds contain of 45 calories, 4g fat, and 2mg vitamin E. it will be different with sunflower seeds oil which have 120 calories, 14g fat, and 6mg vitamin E. the highest is unsalted, dry roasted seeds. 1 portion or similar with ¼ cup contain of 170 calories, 14g fat and 7mg vitamin E. so, which kinds of sunflower seeds nutrition you need.

Sunflower seeds nutrition for body and muscle

As I told above, sunflower seeds are the source of magnesium. Research studies has shown that magnesium has benefit to  reduce the severity of asthma, lower high blood pressure, and prevent migraine headaches, as well as reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Magnesium also has benefits for bones and body energy. The nutrition for our bones was supplied by magnesium. That’s why two third portion of magnesium in our body will be found in the bones. Because of sunflower seeds are rich of magnesium also. The sunflower seeds nutrition can give benefit for your body and muscle and increase your productivity.

Now, you have known that sunflower seeds are very high nutrition. So, enjoy sunflower seeds nutrition and consume sunflower seeds as many as your body need. Remember everything that you consume over that the portion will be a disadvantage for your health.


How to use the effective teaching methods for children

Some people will find difficulties when they teach children and some people feel easy and enjoy the process of teaching. As an appreciation for the children some of you usually using reward. Do you know that many things that your children should learn? Everything that you teach must be use different method and technique. As an example, will you use same method and technique to teach your child tie shoes and when you teach mathematics for them? There are various teaching method and technique that you can use for children. Teaching method for children must be appropriate with the situation and the things that you learn. Here are some divisions of teaching method for children:

Teaching method for children based on learning styles

As we know, the children have their own learning styles. Some sources mention 7 primary learning styles. Some sources again mention three as the primary one. The primary learning styles are Visual, Aural, Verbal, Physical, Logical, Social, and Solitary. If you have known the learning styles, you would have chosen the best teaching method for children. Make sure that you apply the best method and technique in your learning process. Don’t forget to make fun and enjoy atmosphere of learning process.

Teaching method for children based on best teaching practice

This method is usually applied in school and used as method for teaching school subject. Children and young learners need engage with the teacher. Traditional way of teaching makes a gap between teacher and student. To avoid that gap, communicative method appeared. One of the examples of communicative method is Assessment for Learning (AfL). What will you get by using Afl in the learning process? The research has proven that AfL can increase students achievement, help the students to be more understand, help the students identify they knowledge area and develop their skills. AfL is the teaching method for children that need training and coaching for applying this method and technique well. This method cannot apply carelessly.

Alternative teaching method for children

Beside the two types of teaching method for children above, there are others teaching method for children. This type appear because of someone has already used the method as the first time. Since that time they are success and their name become the name of method too. The first is Montessori. This method is invented by dr. Maria Montessori. She classes typically span of three-year age groups. The second is Steiner/Waldorf. He is a founder of Waldorf School in 1919 in Stuttgart, Germany. The third is Harkness. He creates a large oval table as the centerpiece of any classrooms. The fourth is Reggio Emilia. Reggio Emilia School emphasizes participation of parents. He believes that the connection between students and their parents will help the achievement of the students.

Based on the explanation above you will have many method and technique that you can use to teach your children. Learn something for children will be new experience and fun. So, make sure you choose the effective teaching method for children