How to use the effective teaching methods for children

Some people will find difficulties when they teach children and some people feel easy and enjoy the process of teaching. As an appreciation for the children some of you usually using reward. Do you know that many things that your children should learn? Everything that you teach must be use different method and technique. As an example, will you use same method and technique to teach your child tie shoes and when you teach mathematics for them? There are various teaching method and technique that you can use for children. Teaching method for children must be appropriate with the situation and the things that you learn. Here are some divisions of teaching method for children:

·         Teaching method for children based on learning styles
As we know, the children have their own learning styles. Some sources mention 7 primary learning styles. Some sources again mention three as the primary one. The primary learning styles are Visual, Aural, Verbal, Physical, Logical, Social, and Solitary. If you have known the learning styles, you would have chosen the best teaching method for children. Make sure that you apply the best method and technique in your learning process. Don’t forget to make fun and enjoy atmosphere of learning process.

·         Teaching method for children based on best teaching practice
This method is usually applied in school and used as method for teaching school subject. Children and young learners need engage with the teacher. Traditional way of teaching makes a gap between teacher and student. To avoid that gap, communicative method appeared. One of the examples of communicative method is Assessment for Learning (AfL). What will you get by using Afl in the learning process? The research has proven that AfL can increase students achievement, help the students to be more understand, help the students identify they knowledge area and develop their skills. AfL is the teaching method for children that need training and coaching for applying this method and technique well. This method cannot apply carelessly.

·         Alternative teaching method for children
Beside the two types of teaching method for children above, there are others teaching method for children. This type appear because of someone has already used the method as the first time. Since that time they are success and their name become the name of method too. The first is Montessori. This method is invented by dr. Maria Montessori. She classes typically span of three-year age groups. The second is Steiner/Waldorf. He is a founder of Waldorf School in 1919 in Stuttgart, Germany. The third is Harkness. He creates a large oval table as the centerpiece of any classrooms. The fourth is Reggio Emilia. Reggio Emilia School emphasizes participation of parents. He believes that the connection between students and their parents will help the achievement of the students.

Based on the explanation above you will have many method and technique that you can use to teach your children. Learn something for children will be new experience and fun. So, make sure you choose the effective teaching method for children. 


Having fun with children educational games

Playing is a hobby of children. Naturally, as a child they are prefer to play than to learn. There are two kinds of playing they are outdoor playing and indoor playing. For outdoor playing you can do some exercise or sport such as football, volleyball or basketball. The different things will happen for indoor playing. The parents must be selective and creative to create educational games for children in a home. If you want to use some toys, you have to make sure that the material of the toys is safe for children. Children educational games can be created by yourself or you can ask your children to play children educational games online. Here are some children educational games:

·         Children educational games for learning math
As an educational game, it must be have educational value at the game itself. The games should be taught math, language or science. Children are bored when they have to learn math by exercise and look at the book which full of number and operation symbol. The parents should find different method to solve this problem. A bus math game is one of online game that you can try to teach your children about math operation such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

·         Children educational games for learning language
Besides math, educational games for children also can help children to learn about language. As we know there is some part of language that should be learned start from vocabulary, alphabet, and word or even literature. Each part still has the sub part that should be learned. For example vocabulary, there are synonyms, antonyms, compound words, idioms, part of speech, and etc. language is a long life lesson. It means that as long as your life the ability of speaks and diction of ours will be developed.  Don’t forget with spelling learning for children. When they can speak at the first time they just imitate of their surround. They also should know how the word written and how to spell it. Many games for spelling such as word search, crossword, hangman, and etc

·         Children educational games for learning science
After learning about math and language, you should ask your children to learn about science. Science is knowledge around us. You can learn science in the garden, in the forest, in the field or everywhere. The most effective ways of learning science is by experiment. Start from simple experiments to complicated experiments. The experiments you can do are about weather, energy, heat, water and light. You can follow the instruction from books or video. I believe that children will be fun and happy playing educational games about science because they are include in the games.

Play and learn is one of learning method that loved by children. Children educational game is one of reference that you can apply with your children. Make your children fun and having fun with them. Enjoy your time with your children and in order to you have many ideas about play and learn. Ask your children to play children educational games and  become their partner. 


3 ways of teaching children to write

Teaching children to write is a fun activity and memorable for our children. At the first time, we will find difficulties when ask them to write. Our children will say that it is hard, they can’t or they are lazy to do it. As a parent, we don’t run out of think we must have many alternatives in order to our children can learn to write effectively. Teaching children to write need commitment between parents and children. Parents as a teacher should be give motivation and direction to the children. Don’t force your children to push their limit. It will be better if you ask your children to write step by step. There are 3 ways that can be as your reference for teaching children to write:
·         Teaching children to write by giving reward
First time experience for learning to write will be an enjoyable experience for you and your children. As their new experience in literacy, try to motivate them by giving reward when they do the direction well. Before you start to teach your children for writing, you have to prepare the tools for writing such as pencil, paper, whiteboards, or marker. Make sure that the tools which you used are small and appropriate for your children. Then take your position next to your children. After that, you can start to teach your children. Make your activity of teaching children to write become an enjoyable experience.

·         Teaching children to write by using highlighters or color markers
Children love color, so it will be easy and fun for them when they start writing using color. Larger and larger number of color you used will be fun for your children. At the first, ask your children to write the words using solid colors. If you are confused what words that you want to your children write, you can start from their name. Writing name has two advantages besides learning writing. It can help your children when they are going to enter kindergarten. Your children can introduce their name to others.

·         Teaching children to write with shaving cream
For making fun activity when learning to write besides using highlighters or color markers you also can use shaving cream as a substitute of book or paper. How can you do that? Put shaving cream on a pan then flatten the cream into whole part of the pan. Next you can ask your children for making a letter in the shaving cream using their finger. If the pan is larger you also can write their name, the parents name or other words  Teaching children to write with shaving cream is one of alternative way that you can try at home.

That is the three ways of teaching children to write. Have a fun activity with your children. Learning must not be at the room with chair and desk, but it can be do in everywhere. Play and learn will be more effective and the result is better you don’t have to force your children to do what you want. You have to follow their wants then direct them into the learning process. 


Toddler food ideas for 1 to 3 years old

Do you realize that you are a role model of your child? Our entire attitude, what we do, our habits become a model for our child. All of our daily activities include eating also become their model. They follow what kind of food usually we eat. That’s why we must be a good example for our children. When your children are in toddler age, you have to pay attention with their food. The food for them must be healthy and nutritious.  Help your children to get that kind of food in order your children can eat well and share the responsibility with them. here are some requirements and ideas to complete your toddler food ideas for 1 to 3 years old.

·         The way of giving meals and snack as toddler food ideas
When your children are really hard for eating, it means you have to share the responsibility of eating to them. Introduce to them that eating is one of our responsibility for survive in this life. Making appointment with your children that you as parents will serve which food and when the time you’ll serve. They as a child must decide whether and how much they want to eat. Meal time is a time for family so; you have to try to provide time for eating together with your children. Toddler food ideas need various kind of food you can offer 3 meals and 1 to 3 for each day. Try to serve food, milk, and juice just at meal and snack times. At this time, let your children feed by themselves and know that it’s normal for your children when their appetite changes day by day. You can give reward to them when your children want to try new food or eat the food that they are dislikes.

·         Toddler food ideas with cold and hot foods
There are two kinds of food that you can serve to your children.  Some cold foods that can be served are: Whole grain, cold cereal with milk, milk or yogurt smoothies blended with fruit, yogurt with fresh fruit pieces or applesauce, yogurt with crackers or bread, rice and raisin pudding made with milk, dessert tofu with fresh fruit. Beside cold foods you also can try some ideas of hot foods such as: Oatmeal or cream of wheat with milk, home-made pancakes or waffles topped with fresh, frozen or canned fruit, mini omelettes or scrambled eggs and toast, congee or rice porridge with small pieces of meat, chicken, or fish, soft tortillas filled with beans or ground meat and cheese, vegetable, split pea, or bean soup served with crackers or a whole grain bun, fish chowder with bread sticks, home-made macaroni and cheese. Both cold foods and hot foods can be good toddler food ideas when you serve them in proportional portion.

·         Toddler food ideas portion
Toddlers need between 1,000 and 1,400 calories a day, depending on their age, size, and physical activity level (most are considered active). The amount of food a toddler requires from each of the food groups is based on daily calorie needs. In addition to choices from each of the food groups, toddlers need the equivalent of 3 to 4 teaspoons of healthy oils, such as canola oil and tub margarine. This measurement can be your guidance for making good portion toddler food ideas.

Let’s serve the best food with good portion. The most important of toddler food ideas is the food must be healthy and nutritious for our children.


Kinds of newborn girl clothes

Having a baby is the greatest experience in our life. After married, the couples are looking forward to have a baby and become parents. As long as pregnant period, the parents especially mommy will prepare all the things for welcoming the baby. One of the things which prepared by the mommy is baby clothes. We will find many kinds of baby clothes especially for girl. It will be an exciting experience when we go for shopping them. To avoid the exaggerate shopping you have to know what kinds of cloth that you want and suitable for your baby. Let’s check what kinds of newborn girl clothes that can be your choice.

·         Bodysuits or outfits newborn girl clothes

This kind is a standard model of newborn baby clothes. Every newborn baby usually wears this cloth as this model is very easy found in the shop. For newborn girl clothes, the bodysuits or outfits model can be pink color or blossom theme with flower motif. Pink and flower are the girl identity. Almost of girls or women really like with pink color and flower theme. There are two models of bodysuits itself. The first model is long sleeve bodysuits and the second is short sleeve. The long sleeve is suitable for wearing at the evening and at the night for sleeping because it can cover the baby from the cold air and mosquito if there. Besides, the short one is suitable for the morning and afternoon in order to the baby can move freely.

·         Sets newborn girl clothes

Sets are a model of baby clothes which consists of tops and bottoms. The tops usually can be a t-shirt of bodysuits or even jumpsuits. The bottoms also can be pants or short. When you are interested with this model you have to know how to mix and match the tops and the bottom in order to they are good looking and your baby looks adorable to others. There are many shop which sell the sets for newborn girl clothes if you don’t want to waste your time just for find the pair for your baby clothes. Buy the sets which have available in the shop.

·         Dresses for newborn girl clothes

Dress is one of girl clothes model. Kids, teenager, adult woman, and even the girl baby also wear dresses. Dresses are simple because you don’t need to look for the bottoms. Now, there are many shops which sell dress for newborn baby especially newborn girl dress. You can find many color and motif are available there even you can confuse to choose the best one for your baby. There are bodysuits dress sets, woven dress set, jumper set, and casual one. Just pick the most you like.

Usually, newborn baby can’t go outside far away from home until they are 3 months age because the immune system of their body is still sensitive with the outside air. So, better for us as parents to choose newborn girl clothes which can be used at home often. The most important thing the material of the clothes is comfortable and safe for baby skin.

How to teach kids to read at home

Reading is one of human skills. You can get much information about life by reading. There are proverbs which said that book is a window of the world. If you want to see what the window has, you have to read the book. When the children should learn to read? Is there the limitation of age for children to learn reading? Actually, there is no limitation for learning to read. There is only a stage which faced by the children. There are some things that you have to know when you teach the kids to read in the early stage. Pay attention to all things which related to their learning process. Here are some ways how to teach kids to read. You can try some of the ways to teach your kids at home

how to teach kids to read by spelling

    How to teach kids to read by spelling

Spelling the letter can do by the children when they can speak at the first time. Start from the short words with one syllable. It can help your kids in learning process. Your kids will not get a burden when they are learning. To get the best result, you should do this way step by step. After your kids have been good in spelling of one syllable words try with longer words. You have to do this step regularly in order to your children can read well. Is how to teach kids to read by spelling is interesting for you?

     How to teach kids to read by sound  

      After we teach the alphabet to the kids, we must introduce to our kids the sound and pronunciation of the words itself. As we know, the pronunciations of each letter in some words are different with the other words. As parents, we have to give an example of good pronunciation of each word. As an example the way of pronounce ‘b’ in words ‘bob’ is different with ‘b’ in ‘bee’. By this method, your kids can differentiate each word and read the discourse well. You also can read the words for your kids and then your kids follow the way of you read. do you prefer the way of how to teach kids to read by sound?

    How to teach kids to read by picture

Look at the picture also can be a method of learning to read. It can be the greatest way of learning to read. Your kids will understand what is going on in the story by looking the picture of the books. Before you ask your kids to read the book, it’s better for you to flip the pages and comment the picture of the books.  After your kids looks all the picture of the books. Try to ask your kids about the story of the book. As example, if there is any word about color. Ask your kids what suitable color of those words. How to teach kids to read by picture is another way you can to do with your kids. For making more fun learning process, choose the various materials of learning such as comic books, magazine and etc. how to teach kids to read by picture just an alternative way for teaching reading

That’s all kinds of method that you can use to teach your kids to read. How to teach your kids to read is the question that you have to find the answer when your kids in the age of 3-5 years old. Each ways have own method so, find the best method for each ways.


How to teach multiplication to kindergarten

When you read the title you will think how the kids in kindergarten ages can learn multiplication. Normally, kids usually start learning multiplication in 2nd or 3rd grade, but it is not impossible for you to teach the concept of multiplication earlier. If you give them the way to answer the question or to do a task of multiplication, you will get nothing. You just can teach them a basic foundation of multiplication itself. Give them a basic foundation of multiplication with short, simple and regular lesson. The point is making your lesson become fun and friendly. You just have to know how to teach multiplication to kindergarten. Because when you know the method, you will make the appropriate learning process. Here some trick that you can do at home:

How to teach multiplication to kindergarten using manipulatives

How to teach multiplication to kindergarten

All you need to this method is peanuts, toys characters, or button as manipulative things. Then you ask your child to choose three toys characters and put 2 buttons in front of each character.  Your children have to count how many button they have in front of the characters. They will have total 6 buttons. After this process, you give short explanation why the total is 6. First you can say addition concept by saying 2 plus 2 plus 2 equal 6 and then you also say another explanation by saying in different ways that three groups of toys character with 2 buttons also become 6. Say that not only with words but also with your body language. For example sweep your fingers over the entire button when you point out the total of 6. Continue this process with various amount of number but keep in small number. Your focus is say to your children that the first number represents a number of groups and the second number of items in each group.

 How to teach multiplication to kindergarten by doing problems on Paper

After you teach the concepts using manipulatives object, try to do some problems on paper per a day. Make a story first before you ask your children. For example, a gardener is collecting tomatoes from his garden. He has 2 baskets and he fills 3 tomatoes for each basket. How many tomatoes did he collect altogether? On a paper you draw a picture about this problem and ask your children to count the amount of tomatoes. First write 3+3= 6, say to your children that addition is one way to know the amount of tomatoes, then you write 2x3=6. Explain to your children that this is another way to know the amount of tomatoes. Say 2 groups of 3 tomatoes are equal to 6. Point out to them that 2 is represent a number of basket and 3 is represent a number of tomatoes and the 6 is represent a number of altogether.

How to teach multiplication to kindergarten by using mental math

Once you have been doing problems for a while, move onto mental math problems. For example you have two candies and your brother has two candies. How many candies are altogether? If they say four, you say yes  then say to them that 2 times 2 is 4 and two groups of two things is equal 4. Keep in small number at this point. Your focus is for helping your children understand the basic concepts of multiplication.

That’s some method of  how to teach multiplication to kindergarten. Try the method step by step and make sure that the learning situation is fun and friendly don’t force your children to understand as quick as possible. Let your children understand by themselves.